judithe harrison

garden designer


commercial cafe garden 


client brief

Create a green, private and tranquil area, screening out the commercial development. The area will be used for personnel to relax, eat and have informal meetings. It will also form part of the entrance to the UK headquarters and thus needs to be smart and attractive.

site description

Car park beside commercial headquarters. On a slope with major drainage, concrete and tarmac.


A double skinned perimeter wall was erected surrounding the cafe area. Whilst this reflects the materials of the main building it incorporates timber features, green wall sections and visible planting from within. Inside, two levels were created and covered with recycled crushed glass in resin and FSC approved red cedar decking. These were complemented by planters on three sides, planted with silver birch and evergreen ferns. Part of the area is covered by an architectural awning to provide shade and shelter. The adjacent approach to the main doors was also enhanced with new paving and a new approach for a pedestrian crossing, making the building much more welcoming.