judithe harrison

garden designer


cottage garden


client brief

Recreate the garden surrounding the cottage including areas to entertain and borders.

site description

A curved banked area surrounding a listed cottage which contained an old crazy paved terrace overlooked by local woodland.  


The old terrace was lifted and a small retaining wall built to circle the new terrace including steps from the terrace to a woodland glade to make use of this space also.  A contemporary pergola was constructed and planting beds created beneath the posts to accommodate roses and other cottage plants.  The beds around the cottage itself were redefined and re edged using vernacular materials and then replanted.  A herb garden was created alongside the terrace for culinary use.  The new terrace surface used local stone to complement the setting.

Additionally some of the background woodland was selectively cleared to allow more visual space and light through and a ‘sculpture of logs’ erected to provide privacy and interest.  The remaining planting beds were reshaped and replanted.